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#Golf Cart Batteries

Electric Golf Cart Batteries

Discover what every golf cart owner Needs to Know about
their Electric Golf Cart Batteries !
Extend The Service Life of Your Golf Cart Batteries....
"Critical Information About Maintaining
Your Golf Cart Batteries !"

Batteries ARE Expensive and, you should know the facts to prevent golf cart
battery breakdowns
from occuring before they happen !

Save Time and Money !
The money saved through the information revealed will pay for
the cost of this book many times over.

Achieve Maximum Performance
What every golf cart owner must know about their batteries
Obtain a Longer Battery Life
The #1 reason for service calls are almost always battery related

To find out how, please listen now!

(Please Note: You might need to wait a little for the audio to load)

"The best written manual on maintaining your
electric golf cart batteries !"

"I own my own book and refer to it often. It's an eBook that you can
download and refer to instantly."

Bill Degner

Ensure your golf cart batteries work for you- You can
"instantly" download this 40 page
eBook to ensure your batteries work for you !

Do you want a more reliable and better performing electric
golf cart?

SAVE money by having the best possible return on your battery

When you take care of your golf cart batteries they will take care of

You'll achieve.....

optimum performance

greater reliability

a longer battery life

and most importantly, save time and money!

This fully detailed Guide will show you how you can save money by
obtaining the maximum benefit on your
golf cart battery investment!

Here's two of the most overlooked ways
of ensuring the operation of your electric golf cart

Choosing the right golf cart batteries
Knowing how to properly service your golf cart's
non-sealed, lead acid batteries

Golf cart batteries image

Don't let battery breakdown problems happen to you !

Are you aware that the most common breakdown problem with an
electric-powered golf cart is probably the batteries?
Would you like to have no unexpected downtime that may cost
you time, money and ruin your day?
Discover how to double or triple the life of your golf cart's
non sealed, lead acid, deep cycle batteries?
Well, here is the most important factor........

The key to achieving optimum performance and a longer battery life is a solid
golf cart battery maintenance and servicing program !

We're so convinced of the value of our book,
we give you secured order processing by Clickbank with
a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee as set out below.

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This guide will save you time and money !

A lack of knowledge about basic
golf cart non sealed lead acid battery maintenance
can lead to all kinds of problems !

For instance, did you know that improperly maintained electric golf
cart lead acid batteries can pose serious, even dangerous threats ?

The Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide on "How to choose, service and
maintain your golf cart's batteries"
is now available !

To obtain the maximum return on your battery investment, follow the
guidelines outlined in our ebook to obtain the best performance and a
longer life from your lead acid, deep cycle batteries.

Servicing your golf cart batteries-

Remember, if your golf cart batteries are not properly serviced, they
WILL fail to work properly!

Just imagine the implications !

Nothing is worse than climbing into your golf cart anticipating to play
a good round of golf only to find your golf cart batteries are dead !

Your batteries provide the power that makes the cart move.
Their charge is used, depleted, and then recharged again, .....

then used, depleted, recharged.... again and again.

Wouldn't you like to know these essential things now rather
than after your cart breaks down due to battery failure ?
Can you really afford the risk of looking forward to a great
round of golf only to find out that you aren't able to use your golf
cart ?
Wouldn't it be better to learn how to prevent battery
breakdowns from occurring before they happen ?

We provide a number of reminders and tips such as

"You should charge new batteries completely before they are used the
first time."

The Guide also has Winter storage tips to follow for
the proper Winter storage of your electric golf cart (see page 33)

Here's just some of the information we provide in this Guide.

* How your golf cart batteries work
(see page 4)

* Why deep cycle batteries require maintenance and the inspection
steps to follow
(see page 15)

* What equipment you'll need for battery care (see page 15)

* How to use a hydrometer
(see page 20)

* How to safely remove and change your batteries
(see page 22)

* What to look for when troubleshooting
(see page 26)

* How to correctly dispose of old batteries
(see page 24)

* Battery "Do's" and "Don'ts"
(see page 35)

* How to locate your golf cart's serial numbers
(see page 38)

We also answer your golf cart battery questions such as......

* Why can't I use a car battery
on my golf cart ?
(see page 28)

* Should I always keep my golf cart charged ? (see page 28)

* How much water should I put in my batteries ? (see page 29)

* How do I test my batteries ?
(see page 29)

* What is specific gravity ?
(see page 29)

* Acid is bubbling out of my batteries ! Is this normal ?
(see page 31)

* What voltage is my golf cart ?
(see page 9)

These, and other questions are all answered in the
Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide

Here's the Table of Contents


Chapter 1
How electric golf cart
batteries work
Chapter 2
Tips on choosing the
right golf cart batteries
Chapter 3
Charging your batteries

Chapter 4
Maintaining your
golf cart batteries

Chapter 5
Using a battery hydrometer

Chapter 6
Removing and Changing
Golf Cart Batteries

Chapter 7
Disposing of golf cart batteries

Chapter 8
golf cart batteries

Chapter 9
Golf cart battery questions answered

Chapter 10
Golf Cart Winter Storage Tips

Chapter 11
Battery Do's and Don'ts

Appendix A
Golf cart manufacturers

Appendix B
Location of golf cart
serial numbers

Appendix C
Golf Cart Forums
and other info

Think about this for a second .............

The next time your golf cart stops for no apparent reason,
it's probably due to poor battery maintenance.

This guide will enable you
to properly service and maintain your golf cart's batteries !

100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

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We want you to be completely without risk...
so here's our guarantee......

We're so convinced of the value of our book, we give you secured order
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If at any time in the next 60 days you feel that it falls short in
delivering everything we have promised in this letter, just let us know
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No questions asked!

In fact, if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, we want you to
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service and ClickBank will be happy to help you if there is any problem
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ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a
registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation
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used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an
endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim,
statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

P.S. Don't forget, you'll get the "Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide"
for the low price of just $19.99 - but ONLY if you act now !
We can't guarantee that this price will be available tomorrow.

P.P.S You can't lose with our guarantee !
There's no risk on your part.
This Ebook is guaranteed with a 60 day,
100% money back guarantee

Order with confidence, on 100% secure servers.


Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.


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Golf Cart Batteries Golf Cart Batteries-

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